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Directed, written, produced, and photographed from 2006 to the present, my 20+ films and animations range from live action shorts shot in 16mm black and white reversal film to 3D models and animation built from scratch in Autodesk Maya.

Check out my filmmaking reel and Featured 5 selections above, covering a full spectrum of roles from cinematography to motion tracking. Film festival official selections included! Want more? View the complete catalog after the jump.

  • Rahn in pre-school in Korea

The Other Education of Rahn Kim.

or the story of how I became a weirdo

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Published in Three Wise Monkeys e-zine in 2011 and now available here for your enjoyment! [Last updated August 2014.]

Read an excerpt:

Being different had never been a foreign concept, even back when I was still ‘homegrown.’ Teased for my height at my piano school by an exceptionally short boy, who, in retrospect, I imagine was deeply plagued by his own insecurities, my education of othering began at age four. It came the moment I swung a satisfactory kick into his unsuspecting nuts. This was my protest, my hidden potential, and my victory: the pure unadulterated resilience of a child. Too young to care about the consequences, I ignored the commotion that ensued. I ignored the little boy’s enraged mother and I ignored my own mother’s calm and collected advice:

“Be careful baby. If you destroy his nuts, you’ll make him sterile.”